Bryson EnergyBryson Energy aim “To secure the support and active engagement of Northern Ireland’s energy users, particularly households, in implementing strategies, programmes and measures to combat climate change

We are a Social Enterprise; a not-for-profit charitable organisation, a private company limited by guarantee, reporting to a Management Board consisting of Non-Executive Directors and Advisers.

Bryson Energy was originally established in 1995 with a remit to tackle Climate Change and assist with the reduction of energy use and reflect local area energy issues. The major issue for Northern Ireland is that fuel poverty currently affects 42% of Northern Ireland’s households, one of the highest rates in Western Europe. Therefore it is no surprise that Bryson Energy has focused its attention on these two areas of tackling Climate Change and contributing to the alleviation of fuel poverty. Our activities are targeted at Northern Ireland Households as the business sector in Northern Ireland is assisted by InvestNI and EnterpriseNI.